A World Map That Shows What Each Country Does Best

What Each Country Leads the World In

Each and every country is number one in something and the designers at DogHouse Diaries have created a map showcasing how each truly stands out.

The map, “What Each Country Leads The World In,” is rather humorous. For instance, while the United States does have the most Nobel laureates, it also has the highest number of deaths by lawn mowers. Canada can call itself the capital of maple syrup and asteroid impacts. Mexico records the most lightning strikes and China leads in both CO2 emissions and renewable energy. The map also uses humor to illuminate social issues. Ethiopia leads the world in “employing children.” Parts of the Middle East are best at “gender gaps,” “brain drain” and being “not safe for journalists.”

It took three creators, nearly four months of research, and an interesting mix of humor and serious topics to create the masterful final product.

Via Huffington Post

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