Vine Introduces Loop Counts

Vine has just released a new update for the web and mobile to display loop counts. Loop counts are similar to a view meter where it displays how many times people have watched a video. The data gathered includes videos played on Vine and any embeds from around the web. Vine also redesigned its home page and revamped its activity feed to put more focus on video display and engagement.

Vine said about the new update:

With this update, there’s now a new way for you to quickly get a sense of how popular and interesting a Vine may be –– based on how many times people watch a Vine loop.

Loop Counts

The new loop counter updates in real-time on both the web and mobile so “you’ll know you’re watching with others at the same time,” says Vine. Note Vine only started tracking loop counts on April 3, 2014 so a ‘+’ sign is added to older videos to indicate the actual loops are likely to be higher.

You can learn more about loops over at the Vine help center.

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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