Vice President Joe Biden Joins Instagram and Posts First Photos

Everyone’s jumping on the Instagram train, even second-in-command Vice President Joe Biden. He joined the photo-sharing social network Wednesday, April 16, and has already uploaded a series of photos.

His first photo was a picture of his Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses laid out on his desk with a blurry Joe Biden in the background. Biden was getting ready to go to Pennsylvania with President Obama, to talk about training American workers for decent middle-class jobs. The second photo showed Biden after landing in Pennsylvania for that very talk; in the photo, he returns the salutes of the Marines as he debarks from the plane.

The account is run by the Office of Vice President Biden, which officially announced its launch on Twitter today with the first Instagram post:

Featured Image from Barack Obama
Via Mashable

Mikaela Rakos

By Mikaela Rakos

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