Twitter Could Go Public with $15 Billion IPO in 2014

Twitter IPO

Twitter IPOTwitter is preparing an initial public offering (IPO) that could be worth approximately $15 billion, according to reports at the Sunday Times.

Citing anonymous senior banking officials, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has supposedly met with potential investors from Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan, all of whom are likely drooling over the opportunity to get in bed with Twitter. Twitter is expected to choose several of these investment banks as underwriters of the stock in early 2014.

Rumors of an impending IPO have been floating around for years for Twitter, which is already estimated to be worth $10 billion.This rumor appears to have merit, though, given Twitter’s meeting with financial institutions along with the impeccable timing of an IPO this coming year. For Twitter to take its next step as a company, perhaps shedding the veil of privacy to allow new investors and an influx of cash to join the party will spur even more innovation at the tech giant. The cons for a Twitter IPO include the pressure of constantly living up to investors’ expectations and general fluctuations and risk in the marketplace.

What do you think? Should Twitter take its company public?

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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