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Top Astrophotography Photos of 2016 and Contest Winner

A few weeks ago we launched our first photo contest Shooting for the Stars and the results are in! Now we’re excited to share some of the spectacular submissions and winner. 2016 has been an unforgettable year in our universe and few images capture that better than these shots of the Milky Way, planets and stars above.

Enjoy the amazing astrophotographs below, which will likely have you “longing” for more like the title of our winner this year by Simon Helms:

“longing” by Simon Helms

“lay with me stargazing” by Simon Helms

“aspiration” by Simon Helms

“Milky way stretching over an old barn in the country” by Reid Collins

“The Carina nebula” by Daniel Nicolae

“Northern Lights panorama” by Frank Olsen

“Aurora Borealis and the Milky Way” by Kaila Walton

“From a Galaxy Far, Far Away…” by Benjamin Maze

Falling Star by Thomas Kuipers

Milky Way Barn by Mark Sedgwick

Check out more #astrophotography on DashBurst and stay tuned for our next contest coming soon!