Shooting for the Stars: Share your Best Astrophotography [Photo Contest]

Share your best astrophotography

Do you ever find yourself gazing up at the stars, contemplating life and the surrounding universe? Now you can make some dough for all your starring. Today we’re excited to launch our first photo contest to help inspire others to reach out for the stars too. Share your favorite astrophotography images on DashBurst starting now through July 3 to qualify for the contest using the tag #astrophotography. The winner will receive a $100 cash prize and the top photos will get featured in DashBurst Magazine!


June 14 – July 3, 2016

About the Prize

$100 USD and an exclusive interview feature on DashBurst Magazine.

How it’s Judged

Our editors will select the top photo from the 50 most popular astrophotography pictures shared on our network.


You can submit as many photos as you like for this contest and it’s free to enter. All submissions should be original work and shared as a Photo post (Burst) on your DashBurst profile using the tag #astrophotography. Sign up for DashBurst.
The Sleeping Camp by Gael Trijasson


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