A Submerged Turntable that Really Plays Music

submerged turntable

There is no question about it, I love vinyl records. There is just something about setting a needle down into that grooved platter of PVC, and then hearing music emerge, that just stirs the musical soul. It’s mechanical, it’s analog, it’s interactive. And it’s also based on technology that is over one hundred years old and hearkens back to a simpler era.

Evan Holm took the art of turntable playing even a step further and brought it into nature. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that he submerged it in nature; quite literally. He created a turntable that plays a record submerged in water, as a piece of functional art. The result, is just spellbinding.


The turntable’s controls are set into the side of a small tree. The tonearm is made to resemble a long twig. Surrounding the pool containing the turntable are modest trees and some selection of tumbleweeds. According to Mr. Holm, the piece represents the creations of mankind being returned to nature.

Submerged Turntable from Brian Lilla on Vimeo.

Overall all fantastic job Evan! Of course I’m curious as to how he keeps those record labels on for the long haul. It seems that you may want to stick with your less valuable vinyl if you want to pull off this trick.

via 123Inspiration

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