‘@DrawnYourTweet’ Is the Reason Twitter Is Amazing

drawing of bed gravity keep an astronaut stuck to his bed

drawing of bed gravity keep an astronaut stuck to his bed

Exploring Twitter, you can find all kinds of random thoughts tweeted by other people. Whether people tweet about bad hair days, crazy weather, how hard it is to peel themselves out of bed in the morning or any of a million other feelings, it’s usually not hard to relate. In this way the public messages available on Twitter document the human experience, the little trials and tribulations that we all experience every day. A new Twitter account @DrawnYourTweet is breathing life into these written sentiments through surprise illustrations.

Since February 5 @DrawnYourTweet has been visualizing the tweets of strangers, using sketches of imaginary characters to act out people’s messages. People seem to like the unsuspected drawings – the account already has over 16,000 followers!

Check out some of our favorite illustrations below, and visit @DrawnYourTweet for more.

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Lauren Mobertz

By Lauren Mobertz

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