Here’s What Happens When 20 Strangers Who AREN’T Models Make Out on Camera [VIDEO]

screencap of vice's 20 strangers kissing video

screencap of vice's 20 strangers kissing video

Last week the short “First Kiss” took the internet by storm, gathering tens of millions of views just a few days after being published to YouTube. While the film made people feel all good inside as they remembered their own first kiss moments, it also received backlash for casting only good-looking performers rather than people more representative of the general public.

To show what 20 (non-model) strangers would really look like if they made out on camera, VICE paid a group of willing Londoners £20 (about $33) apiece to create a more realistic version of Tatia Pilieva’s film.

VICE’s version is… a lot more awkward than Pilieva’s, but it still makes us feel warm inside. Right?

Who am I kidding: I couldn’t even make it to the end of the video.

via Elite Daily

Lauren Mobertz

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