Step Into Another World Through This Crazy Light Tunnel Installation

Are you thinking about taking a vacation this holiday season? How about a trip to another world? By the time you get to other side of this hypnotizing light installation you might feel like you’re in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure or something. The out of this world light experience called DAYDREAM V.02 INSANITUS was created by NONOTAK STUDIO for the Insanitus Festival 2013 in Kaunas, Lithuania.

This installation is aimed at establishing a physical connection between the virtual space and the real space, blurring the limits and submerging the audience into a short detachment from reality. Lights generate abstract spaces while sounds define the echoes of virtual spaces. Daydream is an invitation to contemplation. The frontality of the installation leads the visitors to a passive position. – NONOTAK

The audiovisual effect gives you the impression you’re being teleported through time and space into another dimension.

Check out some of the intense visuals below, but make sure to strap in your seat belt first:









lightinstallation10 (1)



via My Modern Metropolis

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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