SlideShare Zeitgeist 2013: The State of Presentations and Infographics

2013 was full of groundbreaking stories from Google Glass to the NSA. So how did the world of presentations shift on SlideShare this year? The results are in: shorter and more visual content saw the most success. The average number of slides per presentation fell by four slides from last year, from 18.8 to 14.4. In line with the current trend, there there were also 29% fewer words per slide in 2013.

So what’s filling up all that new space? The number of images per presentation jumped a whopping 53% since last year! The brain processes images about 60,000 times faster than text, and presenters may have finally gotten the picture. The size of images also increased 16% on average with a font size growth of 58%. In presentations always make sure to use large fonts for titles and no less than size 30 for any text you’d like people to be able to read.

presentations got shorter

According to SlideShare’s report, infographics are interestingly liked five times more often than presentations and 21 times more than documents. If you’re looking for engagement on SlideShare, though, I wouldn’t put too much weight in that statistic – presentations naturally receive more promotion on SlideShare and way more views than single-page infographics. A few popular infographics could be skewing the data for the general user in my opinion.

So what were the most popular SlideShares of the year?

Most-Viewed SlideShare

KPCB Internet Trends 2013Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Most-Liked SlideShare

26 Time Management Hacks I Wish I'd Known at 20Etienne Garbugli @egarbugli

Most-Viewed Infographic

Kids of-the-past-vs-kids-of-internet-generationBhavesh Patel

Topics and Trends

Apparently cars are on the move this year, up 536% in number of slides uploaded about automobiles. The top topic in general is business & management, with marketing, social media and Facebook being the most searched for terms. SlideShare also reported that mobile usage is up 223% on the site. The U.S, Mexico and Brazil have the most SlideShare viewers with other countries on the rise including Indonesia and Ireland, which experienced the greatest increase in SlideShare viewers in 2013. Overall there were 48% more SlideShare uploads this year with a 113% bump in page views.

Did you upload anything this year? Feel free to share your favorite presentations from 2013 below. Be sure to add the tag #Zeitgeist2013 to your reels!


Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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