A T-Shirt for Tricking Facebook’s Facial Recognition

Shirt showing Michael Jackson and Barack Obama

Close up of Glamoflage shirt with Michael Jackson printWant to keep Facebook from recognizing your face? Graphic designer Simone C. Niquille designed a shirt that distracts Facebook’s facial recognition software. Covered with images of celebrity look-alikes, the RealFace Glamoflage shirts pull the facial recognition software’s attention away from their wearers’ faces. Niquille launched the clever shirts as part of her bizarre masters thesis in graphic design.

Niquille told Wired she designed these sneaky shirts because she wanted to make an easy-to-use privacy tool:

I was interested in the T-shirt as a mundane commodity. An article of clothing that in most cases does not need much consideration in the morning in front of the closet… I was interested in creating a tool for privacy protection that wouldn’t require much time to think in the morning, an accessory that would seamlessly fit in your existing everyday.”

The shirts feature Michael Jackson, Barack Obama and Britney Spears impersonators. They’re available for order online with one important caveat: Niquille admits they might not actually trick Facebook into ignoring your face. If you’re paranoid about your privacy but still addicted to selfies, it might be worth it for you to give Niquille’s t-shirts a shot and see if they distract Facebook from your face. Worst case scenario: Facebook thinks you hang out with Britney.

Shirt showing Michael Jackson and Barack Obama

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