Vine Revamps With Playlists, Trending Vines, Editor’s Picks, Search Tool & More


Even since launching its desktop presence at, Vine has always geared its service to work best on mobile devices. With its recent Web relaunch, though, things at Vine are changing. On the new, you can explore Vine channels, find trending Vines, view the Vine editor’s picks and more.

When first launched, it was only good for viewing your stream and checking out the profiles of individual users (and, without a search feature, you had to know their profile URLs in order to find them). The desktop portal also included TV Mode, which provided a never-ending stream of widescreen Vines to watch. Taking cues from the Vine mobile app, the new brings access to channels, trending tags and popular Vines along with a number of other Web-only features.

The New

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The new brings users to an Explore page headed by a stream of full-width Vines playing automatically without sound. Beneath this header you’ll find features that were previously only available in the Vine app, including Vine channels for topics like animals, art, food, music & dance, sports, style, “Popular Now” Vines, and trending tags. The new online Vine portal also features a new search bar that allows users to search by person, tag or location.

Unique to, is a plethora of content hand-curated by Vine editors. Throughout the new you’ll find featured Vine playlists, featured Vine users (or “Viners”) and more Vine editor picks.

Like on other video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo, anyone, not just users, can view public Vines on This means the entire Explore page is visible to all its visitors. To access your home feed, though, you’ll need to log in and click the home icon in the top-left corner.

The New A New Way to Spark Activity on Vine?

Vine’s new desktop opens the door to finding interesting videos through Vine. This should help appeal to those who aren’t heavy Vine users. If they aren’t already in the habit of creating Vines, there’s a good chance they aren’t in the habit of watching Vines on the Vine app, either. By opening up a more immersive Vine experience to desktop users and employing editors to help spotlight quality content, Vine is helping the six-second videos uploaded through its app reach a larger audience than ever before. This increased exposure and chance for fame could in turn encourage more Vines uploads to the site, setting off a chain reaction that causes more people to view Vines and still more Vines to be uploaded, and so on.

What interesting Vines have you found lately on

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