Tasty Pancake Art on Instagram [PHOTOS]

Who doesn’t love pancakes, especially when they are as artistic as these ones? Kevin Blankenship is a working dad from Oklahoma, who is also a writer, producer and cartoonist who found it difficult to maintain his artistic side as a father. So to keep up his creativity, Blankenship began making pancake art and posting his impressive food creations onto Instagram.

Part of his sons’ breakfasts, Blankenship discusses his newfound pancake art on the Instagram blog:

Becoming a parent really slows your creative juices if you’re not careful. A full-time job can sap the rest. Although I don’t get to draw as much as I used to, I found a way to incorporate it into Sunday breakfast every week. The results have gotten out of control and taken a life of its own.

Not only does Blankenship come up with ideas on his own for his pancake art, but he also takes requests from his sons. His creations take on a wide variety of shapes, including pop culture and movie characters like superheroes Spiderman and Iron Man, Olaf from Disney’s Frozen and R2D2 from Star Wars. He also creates pancakes shaped out of animals, buildings, food and holiday themes.

To make his art, Blankenship uses Bisquick and other pancake ingredients, thins the batter and uses condiment bottles to control the batter and create the amazing shapes. It’s great for Blankenship to keep his creativity alive but it’s also enjoyment for the whole family, as Blankenship’s sons partake in the fun too.

Here are some of Blankenship’s brilliant pancake creations, but check out his Instagram profile to see the rest:

Mikaela Rakos

By Mikaela Rakos

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