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Finding music to use in your videos can be a challenge. Not only do you have to find the perfect song to reinforce the messages of your film, but you also need to do this within legal boundaries. The Music Bed offers filmmakers a way to discover great music they can use in their films. More importantly, though, it allows filmmakers to purchase full usage rights to the music.

The Music Bed Community

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The Music Bed provides a straightforward way to browse music. You can search music by genre, mood, length and license type.

The site features many of the artists who have contributed music to the site and highlights ways people have used music from the site in their creative work. The Music Bed also features an online community where members share inspirational content and user-curated playlists. The site’s iOS app helps users locate the perfect music for their next creative project no matter where they are.

Find Music and Use It Legally

Once you’ve located the music that you want to use, you pay a license free that gives you permission to use the music in your own artistic work (often times film and video). With base prices ranging from $49 to $399, it will take a bit more than pocket change to get the rights to a song, but it’s a whole lot cheaper than what a lawsuit would cost if an artist or record company were to sue you for copyright infringement.

Some of the great artists on The Music Bed include Salomon Ligthelm, whose poignant ambient instrumental piece “Midnight” was featured in the video short “The Ride“, a two-minute film about a couple falling in love, becoming engaged and getting married impromptu. Matt Beilis, whose music video was featured on Ryan Seacrest‘s website, also has his music available on the site. His songs provide a contemporary pop music sound that would fit into any coming of age or young adult film. There are many more great musicians and bands to choose from on The Music Bed; you can browse to your heart’s content for free.

Bands and Musicians Are Compensated for Their Music

The Music Bed provides an important service not only to filmmakers but to musicians as well. Musicians love the exposure that comes from having their music featured in a film, and it is only right that they are compensated for their contribution. Each artist on The Music Bed has a profile page that includes a bio and a synopsis of their music.

How do you find music to use in your creative projects? Do you think that The Music Bed has a good idea here?

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