Helping Students Afford the Cost of a New PC for College

Microsoft Chip In website header

Microsoft has launched Chip In, a new Kickstarter-style crowdfunding program to help students raise money toward the cost of a new Windows PC for college. The first program of its kind, Microsoft hopes Chip In will compete with others’ back-to-school promotions (such as the $100 gift card to the Mac App Store Apple offers with the purchase of a Mac for college) while making it easy and affordable for students to purchase a new PC. Microsoft offers Chip In buyers a 10% discount.

How Chip In Works

Chip In Signup PageMicrosoft has made the crowdfunding process as simple as possible for college students. Students will:

  1. Visit Microsoft’s PC browsing page, where the 10% Chip In discount has already been shaved off listed prices
  2. Select the machine that meets their needs
  3. Create a Chip In profile to share with friends and family
  4. Once students reach their crowdfunding goal, or the price of the PC, Microsoft will send them a promotional coupon code to buy the PC

And voila: Microsoft will ship students their PC with a four-year subscription to Office 365 University included.

Who Can Buy a PC Using Chip In?

Though anyone can create a Chip In account, only students with a valid .edu college e-mail address or international student identity card (ISIC) can redeem Microsoft’s coupon to buy a computer. The Chip In program will run until September 1.

Do you know anyone who may want to use Chip In this summer?

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