Twitter Experiment Looks to Predict Which Tweets Go Viral

Magic Stats (MagicStats) on Twitter

What if you could magically predict which Tweets would go viral? A new Twitter experiment called Magic Stats looks to do just that. Unlike the Twitter handle suggests, though, there may be some science used to determine the upcoming popularity of posts. This information could prove to be pretty useful to people, publications and, importantly, for Twitter marketers. Since Twitter is a public company now it needs to find ways to monetize its platform and start turning a profit. The insights provided through Magic Stats could one day turn into valuable insights and recommendations for advertisers.

This project appears to be a follow-up to a few previous experimental profiles including @magicrecs and @eventparrot.

The new @MagicStats account is protected, but The Next Web was able to gain some insight into how it works:

When a user tweets something that the service thinks will go viral, it favorites the tweet within a few minutes of it being sent. In both instances where @magicstats favorited our tweets, they received well over 100 retweets within a few hours.

We’re not 100% sure this is an official account yet, but the design and wording of the account similar to that of the previous experiments. The functionality that’s being tested here could be a response to Favstar’s service, which allows you to track how far a tweet travels and helps show just how popular a tweet is becoming before it goes viral.”

It will be interesting to see what Twitter does with the project in the coming days, if anything at all, and whether any valuable insights will be made publicly available.

While publications with millions of followers are likely to go viral on any Tweet sent out, what type of twitter strategies do you think increase the success of posts?

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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