What if Jay-Z’s 99 Problems Were Illustrated?

one last time i need y'all to roar

We all have problems, even a world famous rapper like Jay-Z is well known to have 99 of them. And artist Ali Graham is on a quest to illustrate all 99 Problems, one problem per day, combining funny lyrics and imagery in what earns my early vote for Tumblr of the year. Even though Jay-Z has had little trouble accumulating “Dead Presidents” over the years, the early Samsung release of his latest Magna Carta Holy Grail album was not without its problems, and according to Jay-Z, “I’m not loving it.” What else could be plaguing the multi-million dollar rapper? What about a rollie (or Rolex) that doesn’t tick tock? Poor table service or dirt on one’s shoulder? And despite growing up in Brooklyn, Jay-Z is also often troubled with “Where Brooklyn at?”

one last time i need y'all to roar

unimaginative branding

where is brooklyn at?

rollie don't tick tock

poor table service

too much talent in one room

cup runneth over

picasso baby

dirt off shoulder


mistletoe problems

breaking bad


dead presidents

not loving it

never going to jail

hashtag problems

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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