How To Look Like Beyonce For Under $100

If we thought Beyonce couldn’t get any cooler, now she has taken it to another level. The Queen B made us crazy in love with a tad more this week by wearing not one, but two cool Topshop skirts. While we may not ever be able to be as sexy as the famous singer, we can now look a little more like our Queen, while we copy her dance moves. Don’t front, you know we all dance along to her songs, even the fellas.

beyonce felt tip skirt

via Huff Post

Vanessa Perilman

By Vanessa Perilman

Head designer of some of the world's most iconic fashion labels, Vanessa Perilman guest stars as a writer for Dashburst during her spare time from designing collections. She currently resides on the west coast. 'surfing is what gives me life'