Happy National Coffee Day

National coffee day

Today we celebrate International Coffee Day. Which are the top coffee-drinking countries in the world?

Finland leads all nations in annual coffee consumption with 12 kilograms downed per person each year, followed by Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Sweden. Brazil produces more coffee than any country at 54.5 million bags per year, which is triple the production of the next-biggest producer, Vietnam.

coffee day

The United States is the top coffee importing country, spending over $4 billion annually. 83% of Americans say they drink coffee, too! There are over 300 million people in the U.S, with 20,000 coffee shops to keep us all caffeinated.

When it comes to coffee, size doesn’t matter much. At Starbucks, both a 20-oz “venti” and a 16-oz “grande” caffè latte contain two shots of espresso – the venti just comes with a little more milk.

National coffee day
What kind of coffee do you enjoy most?

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