Expressive Graffiti Facial Art by Rems182

Rems182 Ritratto-Clarence

Rems182 Ritratto-Clarence

Emanuele “Rems182” Ronco is an Italian artist that has taken a liking of the human face in his work.

Whether Rems182 is expressing himself with paint or a pen, he shares his heart and soul with us as it’s put on display. Art is his voice, and we’re fortunate enough to hear him through these expressive graffiti creations.

Rems182 and three friends started the company Truly Design in 2003 as a graffiti crew. Their work has been displayed in dozens of exhibits and publications. They are truly a talented crew.

Resm182 Beyond

Rems182 Michael

Rems Irene

Rems182 Francesca

Rems182 Eleonora

Rems182 Oblivion

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