Google Brings the Power of Search Across Apps

With our lives becoming more mobile each day, much of the information we’re looking for can now be found in several different places at once, like across various phone apps. Whether you’re looking for ratings from restaurants on Yelp, movie ratings on Rotten Tomatoes or directions on Google Maps, you’re forced to look through multiple apps to find a solution.

Now Google has introduced a single search that allows you to dig for that precious information simultaneously across the Web and the apps you use each day, getting you to where you need to be online faster.

Search Google Faster

Now when you’re trying to remember the name of your favorite Christmas movie, you can search in one place to both find the flick and read more about it through your favorite apps like IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes.

App Indexing

Find the Right App

Sometimes the best answer for a search can be found in an app. Say you wanted to explore downhill skiing. Now, with Google’s new search feature, just ask Google for downhill skiing apps and get a collection of just those useful apps as if you were searching directly in Google Play! App listings for Google Play will appear when they’re relevant.

Calypso App Search

Google writes on the Google Android blog that these new search features are rolling out now to the Google Search app on Android and to the Chrome and Android browsers. Initially users will be able to search within a limited number of apps, though Google is working with developers to add more apps over the coming months.

This is just one step toward bringing apps and the Web together, making it even easier to get the right information regardless of where it’s located.

Are you looking for a little more connection between your Web and mobile app lives?

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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