Your Favorite Characters from the 80s Turned into LEGO

Princess Bride Lego menWhat if you took your all your favorite characters and films from the 80’s, like Andre the Giant and Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride and turned them all into LEGO?

Imagine taking the day off with Ferris Bueller and the gang or kicking it with the Karate Kid in animated style?

“Inconceivable” you say? See for yourself in artist Dan Shearn‘s collection of 80 LEGO illustrations from the 80s:

Princess buttercap and Wesley


Ferris Bueller

Lego men_2-01-01-01

Lego men_2-02

Lego men_2-03-03

Lego men_2-05

Lego men_2-06

Lego men_2-07

Lego men_2-08

Lego men_2-09

Lego men_2-10

Lego men-01

Lego men-02

Lego men-03

Lego men-04

Lego men-05

Lego men-06

Lego men-07

Lego men-08

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