Facebook Launching Shared Photo Albums

screenshot of a shared photo album on Facebook

screenshot of a shared photo album on Facebook
During parties, vacations, and other social events, it’s common for multiple people to play photographer with their cameras and smartphones. This often leads to a plethora of photo albums on Facebook covering the same event. Sometimes you have access to all the photos in these albums, but sometimes users’ privacy settings restrict your access. To make it simpler to share photos among groups of people, Facebook is launching a feature that allows multiple users to contribute photos to the same album. Starting today, shared photo albums will be rolled out to a small group of English-speaking users, according to Mashable.

These new albums can be shared by as many as 50 contributors, and each contributor will be able to upload up to 200 photos, according to the feature’s developers Bob Baldin and Fred Zhao. Each album will be managed by one creator, who can choose between three privacy settings for all photos in the album: public, friends of contributors, and contributors only. This shared privacy setting should make it easy to share photos among groups. The creator also has the power to delete or modify all photos in the album while contributors will only be able to access those photos they uploaded. Baldwin told Mashable,

Right now, if you were at a party and there were three different albums created, you might not be able to see all the photos, which is kind of confusing and frustrating.”

When the feature first launches users will be able to create shared albums via desktop only, but contribute via desktop or mobile. Down the line Baldwin and Zhao plan to develop a way for users to create albums from mobile, too. They also plan to increase the limit on the number of photos each person can contribute to shared albums.

Shared photo albums will eventually become available to all English-speaking users, followed by other international users.

What will you do with shared photo albums on Facebook?
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