Photos Represent 93% of the Most Engaging Posts on Facebook

most shared posts photos

most shared posts photos

It turns out pictures aren’t just worth a thousand words these days, but a few million Facebook likes, comments and shares as well. This isn’t exactly news for people and businesses familiar with the site, as back in August of 2012, SocialBakers reported that 85% of the most viral posts on Facebook were of a photo variety. So where do things stand one year later?

According to the latest data, photos now represent 93% of the top posts on Facebook! That leaves status updates to generate only 3% of the most engaging content while links and videos each generate only 2%. It appears photos have completely taken over. Is it time for Facebook to merge Facebook and Instagram, forming one gigantic Facegram?

Videos used to do well on Facebook, but, since so many videos originate with Google’s hated YouTube, which Facebook shuns, it’s not surprising that videos, despite their popularity on the web, have faded away into oblivion on the blue giant. These days, posting links to useful webpages and articles on Facebook is also a lonely cause; you are the only one likely to see them. Status updates fare a bit better, but, if you really want your pals to see them, you better bleed your heart out.

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Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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