Facebook Makes Public Posts Embeddable

Embed post on Facebook screenshot

Facebook has announced the ability to embed public Facebook posts onto websites, similar to Twitter’s functionality for embedding tweets on websites. The feature is currently available only to Facebook’s media partners, including Bleacher Report, CNN, Huffington Post, Mashable, and PEOPLE, but the company has promised to roll out the feature more broadly soon.

To embed a post, click the drop down menu and select “Embed Post.” Copy and paste the code provided onto your own web page, and the post will appear. Note that only public posts by pages and users will be embeddable.

Facebook embed code for posts

The embedded post will provide a number of Facebook functionalities directly within your website, including:

  • “Like” and share options
  • “Like” or follow button for pages and profiles respectively
  • Links to view the post’s comments, photos, hashtags, and other content on Facebook

If you embed a post that a user or page later deletes or makes private, in place of the embedded post Facebook will display a message announcing the post is no longer available on your webpage.

For more information on embedding Facebook posts, check out the developers page.

Facebook also recently rolled out an embed feature on Instagram, and this appears to be the next logical step to make Facebook’s content more engaging and web friendly.

Lauren Mobertz

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