Facebook Now Lets You Edit Posts

edit facebook postsHave you ever misspelled a word on a Facebook post? Facebook is finally offering relief for chronic misspellers and the grammatically challenged!

Thursday Facebook rolled out an update to its website and Android app to allow users to edit all posts after they’ve been published. Previously you could edit the text of a photo post, but not regular status updates or article links shared. So if you made a mistake in the past that you couldn’t live with, your only option was to delete the post and share it again. That was a rather large annoyance for frequent posters and publishers bound to trip up at some point, especially if a published post was out for a while and already accumulated likes and shares. So this should be welcome news to all.

Facebook Post Edits

To make an edit to a post, just click the down arrow on the upper-right hand corner of any post and select “Edit…” to make revisions.

facebook edit shot

The new version of the Android app is available on Google Play today, and according to a Facebook spokesman as reported by the Wall Street Journal, the ability to edit posts and comments will be coming to the iPhone app soon as well.

Facebook launched the edit comment feature for the web almost one year ago, and this update has been highly anticipated for quite some time.

Are you happy to have this feature on Facebook now? Do you have any posts to finally go edit?

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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  1. Finally! Not that I’m a chronic misspeller or grammatically challenged but I saw this as a basic feature on a website offering online publish functionalities.

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