How the World Reacted to the Finale of Dexter


dexterAfter 8-award winning seasons, the hit TV show Dexter has come to an end. And how it all went down is sure to leave you in shock. Dexter has a pretty loyal fan base, as America’s most lovable serial killer, and they’re definitely buzzing tonight.

Previously to the finale, Dexter’s sister Debra got shot by a madman on the loose. Dexter was just about to make a break for Argentina with his fling, Hanna Mckay,

**Major Spoilers Alert**

Due to some complication, a clot formed during Debra’s surgery that caused her to have a stroke depriving oxygen to her brain for too long. Dexter had to pause his big getaway and was finally presented with a life or death decision unlike he’s ever had to make.

“All my life I just wanted to feel like other people. And now that I do, I just want it to stop,” said Dexter.

One way or another, eventually you knew Debra would get killed over Dexter’s actions, but you didn’t think it would be Dexter actually pulling the plug. In an emotional euthanasia themed inspired scene, he wheels Deb’s dead body out the hospital onto a boat off the Miami coastline to go out to sea with her one last time. Instead of dropping off a body like usual and returning back to shore, Dexter continued to charge out into the storm vowing to protect Hannah and his son from himself. After authorities found his ship’s wreckage, he was presumed to be dead. The show ends with him turning up in some unknown location, wearing a lumber jacket, a beard and appearing to be living a life of solitude. It seems to be the life his dad always warned him would happen, one with little happiness or emotional connection.

“We’re going out the way we intended to go out.” Michael C. Hall said, the actor who plays Dexter.

Fans didn’t seem to think the unhappy and strange ending to the great show was too “killer” though. One fan summed it up well, “Dexter faked his own death after his sister died because he realized his true passion was paper cleaning products.” Here are some of the funniest Tweets so far:

What did you think about the finale?

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  1. I think there were two endings to Dexter and I wish they would have stuck to the first one, for the sake of keeping it a mystery did he die or survive the whatchamacallit

    1. when you post something that has a potential spoiler… YOU MUST alert people… for the sake of all of those strong enough that haven’t watched the finale so far!

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