Making Urban Lights Ap-pier: Törnebohm Blends City with Nature in Photography

Lars-Ove Törnebohm, a photographer from Katrineholm, Sweden, shoots both landscapes and cityscapes–often incorporating both into a single shot.

Using a Nikon D500, Sony A7MKII, Sony RX100MKIII, Sony RX10 MKII, and various other cameras, he captures many Swedish marvels through his lens. Törnebohm has a gift for showing, through photos, what the human eye sees but the camera often fails to capture. Everything in his photos, from the skies to the lit up cityscapes, are full of immense detail and beauty.

Blue Hour in Stockholm


On an Island

Streets of Stockholm

He creates excellent photos in striking, black and white.

Down We Go


Törnebohm also photographs historical buildings such as castles and grand churches in a way that showcases the surrounding nature.

A Day at the Castle


Bad Moon Rising

Törnebohm is also able to capture exquisite views reflected on shimmering waters.

Summer Evening

In cityscapes, nature mostly takes a backseat; however, in these images (below) part of what makes the views so spectacular is the reflections of the urban lights in the water.

Magere Brug

Ray of Lights

Törnebohm is a fantastic DashBurst user! More of his work can be found at His blending landscapes and cityscapes into unique images sets his style apart!

By Allison Guzman

Native Texan attending Carnegie Mellon University majoring in Ethics, History, and Public Policy with a secondary major in Professional Writing. Interning at DashBurst for the summer!