These Whimsical Body Paintings Reveal What’s Really Going on Beneath Our Skin

the spine fixer mr. tokoro body paint by Hikaru Cho

Artist Hikaru Cho believes that we should challenge our imaginations to create new work using traditional tools, not fancy computers and software. The 20-year-old student in Musashino Art University’s Department of Visual Communication Design in Tokyo specializes in uncovering the surprises of the human body through body painting. Her painting is so realistic and her painted objects so whimsical that each of her works surprises us into believing in the unnatural.

Cho is a strictly hands-on artist. “We can do so much without photoshop,” she writes on Vimeo. All the effects you see in the photographs and stop motion videos below are painted directly onto human skin.

man in stomach body paint by Hikaru Cho

taking an x-ray body paint by Hikaru Cho

the spine fixer mr. tokoro body paint by Hikaru Cho

lace up foot body paint by Hikaru Cho

For more of Cho’s work, visit her website.

via Design You Trust

Lauren Mobertz

By Lauren Mobertz

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