101 Best Web Design and Development Blogs

Are you a web designer or looking to build a new website?

Today we’d like to provide you a list of the top web design blogs and resources for everything you need to know about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, blogging, graphics, mobile development and much more. There are lots of great web development sites online, and finding the most useful one (not to mention examples of code) for any particular problem is a task that can itself take hours. Hopefully these must-follow web development blogs can quickly connect you with the information that best meet your project needs. Having a web address to call home online is key for any successful business, brand or blogger.

Feel free to browse the blog list or search for keywords (e.g. HTML5, CSS, plugins, etc.) to quickly find the right resources.


1 GitHub Blog

GitHub is the largest code host online with over 12.7 million repositories. It’s a great place for developers and businesses to share and manage code in both public and private settings. The site also includes helpful tools for collaborative programming like integrated issue tracking, code reviews, easy text formatting and support for over 200 programming languages. GitHub was founded by Tom Preston-Werner, Chris Wanstrath and PJ Hyett to simplify sharing code. The platform now boasts over five million users and the GitHub blog is the best place to stay up on the latest features, development trends, programmer meetups, must-see code modules and more.

2 Moz

Moz began as the SEO consulting firm SEOMoz created by Rand Fishkin in 2004. Then, in 2007, Moz released its first website analytics tool which has become an industry standard for website ranking, keyword searching, link tracking and SEO. The Moz blog features extremely in-depth pieces for bloggers and web designers to make their web content more search-friendly online. I would highly recommend any online professional to check out the Whiteboard Friday column for the some of the hottest trends in website development, marketing and search.

3 SitePoint

SitePoint provides leading-edge content for web developers, designers, programmers, freelancers and other web professionals. SitePoint was founded by Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz to help people learn about topics like HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Ruby, mobile, UX and design through the many great articles, books, courses and forums that make up the network. You should also check out their online educational platform called Learnable, a tool to help the public learn about web development from other experts.

4 CSS-Tricks

CSS Tricks
Are you looking to pick up some fancy CSS tricks? If so, then check out CSS-Tricks, a useful resource of articles, videos, code snippets and forums created and maintained by developer Chris Coyier. One highlight of the site is the almanac for developers to look up common CSS selectors and properties. Coyier, with fellow host Dave Rupert, also runs an informative podcast called the ShopTalk show about all things web development. And if you’re looking to get interactive with your development, see Coyier’s Codepen network, a new and really cool social code playground to build, explore and teach the Web instantly. On Codepen you can instantly preview and share HTML, CSS and Javascript code snippets in your browser.

5 The Next Web Design & Dev

TNW Design Dev
A popular media publisher founded in 2008, The Next Web focuses on business culture and internet technology news. TNW boasts over 7.2 million visits per month and covers everything from apps, gadgets, and lifehacks to social media, design, and development, all from an international perspective. The Next Web is a great source of tech news for any serious web professional to follow.

6 Tuts+ Web Design Tutorials

Tuts Web Design Tutorials
Tuts+ offers an impressive network of tutorials by Envato that span topics such as web development, coding, graphic design, illustration, music production, photography, 3D and motion graphics. The site features great design examples to help you master HTML, CSS, UX and typography, along with resources for general design theory and many other website design tools. You can also unearth worthy web programming tidbits from the main Tuts+ blog. The Envato group also runs Creattica, AppStorm and a few big designer marketplaces like ThemeForest.

7 Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is one of the premier resources online for web and graphic designers looking to dive deep into CSS, HTML, Javascript, WordPress, Photoshop, iOS, Android and responsive design issues. The site has over 175,000 newsletter subscribers and offers a wealth of articles, printed books, eBooks, workshops and design jobs. Visit the ever-expanding Smashing Library for access to over 70 downloadable books on design and all future releases.

8 WPBeginner

Are you a web developer or blogger looking to learn more about WordPress, the most popular content management system online? If so, then WPBeginner is a great place to find quality tips, tricks and other free resources like a robust WordPress Glossary. Geared toward WordPress novices, the site was founded by Syed Balkhi with the mission of advancing the progress of WordPress and supporting bloggers who use the open source platform.

9 Codrops

What started out as an experimental blog, Codrops has become a quality source of articles and tutorials about web design. The site is run by web development agency Tympanus and curated by a pair of freelance web designers and developers, Mary Lou and Pedro Botelho, who look to explore fundamental web structures and the latest programming trends. Codrops also has a great Playground page where you can find and download examples for useful plugins and code blocks about everything from page loading effects, CSS animations, jQuery, responsive programming, navigation and more.

10 DZone

DZone is one of the largest communities of developers and software architects online. The DZone links page is a bookmarking service and collection of fresh development news links driven by the community. You can also follow different microzones for a mix of daily news, articles, video interviews, tutorials and reviews from industry experts in, for example, HTML5, Big Data, Cloud, Java, SQL and NoSQL. (SQL vs. NoSQL is a hot debate among web developers right now.)

11 Treehouse Blog

Treehouse is a site dedicated to teaching website design and mobile development for Android and iOS. Founded by Ryan Carson and Alan Johnson, Treehouse gives the public affordable ways to learn about technology and business. Browse the Treehouse library to explore projects, video tutorials and workshops on everything you need to know to build a website and roll out apps to mobile marketplaces.

12 1stWebDesigner

1stwebdesigner was founded in 2008 by Dainis Graveris as a place to find great web tools, design inspiration, WordPress themes and tutorials. Now the team has expanded to about 10 web design and freelance professionals contributing to a steady stream of daily website design resources. I often find myself frequenting the Freebies section for awesome new fonts and images to use in my designs, not to mention tips about cool new Chrome extensions.


13 WebdesignerDepot

One of my favorite blogs, the WebdesignerDepot offers a variety of web and graphic design ideas with a touch of marketing and social media humor. You can find howto’s, freebies, and deals for fonts, eBooks, textures, icons, plugins, software, themes and more. WDD also has an original comic series sure to make any web geek chuckle.

14 A List Apart

What began as a mailing list in 1997, A List Apart looks to explore the design, development and meaning of web content, with an emphasis on best practices and web standards. ALA was founded by Jeffrey Zeldman who also runs the Happy Cog design studios, another blog that made this list. A List Apart is a great place to find in-depth articles on everything including code, content, design, industry news, business and user experience.

15 Speckyboy

The brainchild of Paul Andrew, Speckyboy has evolved from a personal freelance web design homepage into a broad resource for design inspiration covering web design and development, graphic design, advertising, mobile development and a few off-the-wall LEGO posts. Every week I look forward to Speckyboy’s web creativity column highlighting interesting new web and mobile designs worth seeing.

16 Web Design Ledger

The Web Design Ledger is a developer-authored publication offering digital design knowledge and resources. From interesting new web design examples to free Wireframe kits, WDL is a world unto itself of web design news, articles and tutorials.

17 Onextrapixel

If you’re familiar with developing for the Web, you know how one extra pixel here and there can make or break a design. So the good folks at the Singapore-based Oneextrapixel site aim to round up as many useful web tips, tutorials and tools as possible to help you properly design for the Web. OXP also has a hilarious comic strip that pokes fun at the plights of designers and web developers.

18 Noupe

Noupe is a nice source of news for designers and web developers across subjects ranging from CSS, Ajax, JavaScript, and web design to graphics, typography, advertising and more. The site features lots of graphic design tutorials and always dishes up freebies and other promotions for designers.

19 24 Ways

24 Ways
24 Ways delivers choice web design and development goodness for web geeks. The blog got started in 2005 by Drew McLellan and features over 100 authors who share their knowledge for 24 straight days each December in the spirit of the holidays. These great articles include ideas, client experiences and real-life web development examples that you can learn from and apply in your own work.

20 MonsterPost – The TemplateMonster Blog

MonsterPost is a collective web design blog by TemplateMonster, a popular website theme company. The blog provides developers a wide array of inspiring articles, interviews, tutorials, free vectors, templates and infographics.

21 Design Shack

If you’re looking to find your website design muse, check out the gallery showcases by Design Shack, a collection of hand-picked user-submitted sites. Design Shack is run by the trio of Carrie Cousins, David Appleyard and Joel Bankhead, and also offers a stream of interesting web and graphic design articles.

22 Awwwards Blog

Awwwards looks to recognize the talent and creativity of the best web designers, developers and agencies around the world. On its blog you can find articles that highlight the best in online design, graphics, illustration and tools. You can also submit your site to compete for one of the prestigious daily, monthly or annual “Best Site” awards.

23 jQueryRain

If you’re looking to learn about more advanced web design techniques using jQuery, Ajax, CSS3, HTML5, JSON and other responsive forms and sliders, pay a visit to jQuery Rain. The site has a sizeable collection of over 3500 of the best jQuery plugins available on the Web. You could spend days reading the tutorials and playing around with all the cool jQuery Snippets available and the CSS3 Button Generator.

24 Hongkiat

HongkiatAnother one of my favorite design and technology blogs, Hongkiat has resources for both designers and bloggers. The Malaysian-based blog was started by Hongkiat Lim back in 2007 as a creative hobby while he was stuck in some unhappy job. Today the blog inspires over 10 million visitors a month and covers Photoshop, HTML/CSS, WordPress, design tools, photography and more.

25 Creative Bloq

If you’re looking for a daily dose of creativity then check out the Creative Bloq. The focus of CB is broad, though the site favors graphic and web development content, with an eye for neat typography, branding, illustrations, audio visuals and more. Every weekday CB showcases the best new fonts on the Web. Fans seem to enjoy the content and appreciate the site’s simplistic layout. And check out CB’s net magazine for over 30 pages of front and back-end tutorials.

26 Yoast

Anyone serious about website development knows the importance of SEO. Yoast has one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins available. Meanwhile, the Yoast blog dives deep into the art and science of website optimization. Created by Joost de Valk, Yoast is essential reading when it comes to staying up on the latest page speed optimizations and performance trends. Even if you don’t use Yoast’s plugins, the Google-friendly changes the site incorporates into its technology and announces on the blog are always worth noting as a web designer.

27 Designmodo

Designmodo is a great resource for designers and web developers interested in graphics, coding, responsive layouts, tutorials and WordPress. The site also has a shop with premium design frameworks and web UI kits, including a powerful Startup Design Framework that can speed up launching complex websites.

28 Six Revisions

Six Revisions was founded back in 2008 by professional web developer and designer Jacob Gube. Six Revisions offers in-depth analysis on topics ranging from web design to graphics including coverage for CSS, Javascript, WordPress, graphic design, Photoshop, usability, blogging and project management. Check out the SR tutorials page for a fine collection of Photoshop learning material.

29 Tutorialzine

Tutorialzine is a site dedicated to hardcore web development tutorials and resources. At Tutorialzine, web developers can find a wealth of resources on cutting-edge web techniques like node.js and the latest JavaScript chops. TZ also has a book out called jQuery Trickshots with 100 advanced techniques inside.

30 InstantShift

InstantShift is one of the top online sources of inspiration for both designers and web developers. The site covers a wide variety of design-related topics and dives deep into WordPress, CSS and web tools, along with offering lots of freebies and showcases to stir your creative imagination.

31 Vandelay Design

Vandelay Design is a web design agency and blog focused on design tools and WordPress themes. The site also offers good advice on blog promotion, SEO and social media marketing along with a free resource section.

32 WebAppers

On WebAppers, developers can find some of the best open source resources on the Web. The site, founded by Ray Cheung, offers a slew of free icons, stock photos, brushes, fonts and other design tools, including JavaScript and Ajax snippets, menus, galleries, charts, calendars and other plugins.

33 Web Designer Wall

Nick La, a Toronto-based web designer and illustrator, is the man behind the Web Designer Wall, a collection of design ideas, web trends and tutorials. La posts in-depth website design articles exploring advanced WordPress, JavaScript, security and more, and often gives people source code examples to learn from. La also offers developers some sharp WordPress themes on his Themify site.

34 SpyreStudios

SpyreStudios is a magazine that covers a wide range of web design and development topics. The blog has an interesting mixture of graphic design inspiration and tutorials, along with popular features on minimalist design theory, usability and UX. You can also check out the Community News page for a stream of design-related content from around the Web.

35 Design Your Way

Design Your Way is another great source of steady design inspiration and development resources. The site always seems to have an interesting tutorial or how-to guide on deck. You can also browse a list of cool design jobs via the sidebar for open gigs in the U.S. and abroad.

36 Smashing Apps

With a robust collection of resource-based articles, Smashing Apps is a great destination for awesome design and development tools. From tools to create responsive layouts, to fresh PSD icons for designers, there seems to be something for everyone to enjoy here.

37 Queness

The Queness is a traditional web design and development blog featuring articles, tutorials and code snippets. The article queue often contains WordPress theme models, JavaScript goodies, mobile development techniques and more. You can also contribute your web development articles to their community news section.

38 jQuery4u

Launched in 2007, jQuery4u is one of the premier communities for JavaScript and jQuery developers to come together to learn and collaborate. As the site name declares, you can explore cool jQuery video demos, plugins, mobile apps and lots of related goodies. You can also browse a directory of hundreds of jQuery plugins and submit your own creations, too.

39 The David Walsh Blog

David Walsh is a 30-something web developer and Mozilla evangelist out of Madison, Wisconsin. He is also the core developer for the MooTools JavaScript Framework, along with numerous MooTools plugins.

40 Line25

Focused on web design, Line25 is a weblog created by Chris Spooner, who also runs the popular graphic design blog Blog.SpoonGraphics. Line25 gives designers lots of ideas and inspiration through tutorials and weekly Sites of the Week roundups.

41 Paulund

Paul Underwood created his namesake blog as a place to collect useful web design resources and choice code snippets. Underwood is a freelance WordPress developer who likes to create lots of WordPress plugins too, and is worth following for anyone interested in front-end web development.

42 DesignM.ag

DesignM.ag is one of the top producers of design-oriented content on the Web. The site hosts lots of inspirational themes and Photoshop brushes for designers. You can also find some great resource lists, like one of my all-time favorites for 50+ bold fonts great for headlines.

43 Designrfix

If you’re still in need of a design-fix at this point, Designrfix is a community worth following for all design-related content. The site has a robust set of graphic and web design categories and one of the liveliest user-generated communities for design news.

44 WebUpd8

WebUpd8 is your daily source of Ubuntu / Linux news, tips and application reviews. The site was created by (Andew) Alin Andrei out of Bucharest, Romania. Besides its focus on Ubuntu and GNOME development, what sets this blog apart is the in-house testing and server performance reports.

45 Inspirationfeed

If you are still in need of inspiration, this blog has a steady stream of art, photography and design content. Operated by Igor Ovsyannykov, Inspirationfeed also runs one of the coolest design Tumblrs out there.

46 Smashing Hub

Smashing Hub is a comprehensive resource for photographers, designers and web developers. The site focuses on broad design inspiration, photography and web development, with extra emphasis on WordPress solutions. Readers seem to enjoy all the freebies and design giveaways, too.

47 HTML5 Doctor

HTML5 Doctor, a collaboration between Rich Clark, Steve Faulkner, Bruce Lawson, Remy Sharp, Oli Studholme and Ian Devlin, grew out of the Future of Web Design conference in London. At the time, the group noticed a lack of good online HTML5 resources, and they have been sharing their knowledge ever since. The site has a comprehensive HTML5 Element glossary and you can even ask the HTML5 doctors a question or for help debugging your code.

48 Impressive Webs

Impressive Webs is a resource for CSS-, HTML- and JavaScript-related principles. The blog is run by Louis Lazaris, a freelance web developer, designer and writer out of Toronto. Not only does Lazaris cover CSS basics and advanced concepts, he hand-picks choice CSS articles to browse from around the Internet.

49 You The Designer

you the designer
As a designer or developer, you may be interested in a variety of design-related concepts and ideas. You The Designer is a graphic design lifestyle blog that covers web design, logos, branding, photography, illustration, typography and print among many other topics. The site started back in 2007 and strives to showcase various artists, useful tips and the best the world of design has to offer.

50 Tripwire Magazine

Web professionals need to master an array of skills to be successful online. Tripwire Magazine is a great source of inspiration across design, development, mobile and social media. The site features lots of useful tutorials, WordPress and Photoshop guides, cool wallpapers and more. For example, I’ve been digging this roundup of the best responsive WordPress magazine themes in 2014.

51 siteInspire

siteInspire looks to highlight impressive web and interactive designs that push visual boundaries, unless they are using Flash of course. The blog has built a virtual library of over 3,500 standout sites, which you can search by style, type, or subject. If you think your site is worthy, you can register here and submit away.

52 Build Internet

If you want to learn more about working with the Web, the blog Build Internet focuses on design, development and business. BI is operated by the Boston-based digital agency One Mighty Roar and was founded in December 2008. The site has a nice mix of development and business ideas and a few open source web projects using jQuery you should check out.

53 DesignBeep

DesignBeep is a source of design inspiration featuring graphics, photography and web development. The site has a host of web design and blogging resources that include a listing of the best WordPress themes and plugins out.

54 Graphic Design Junction

Graphic Design Junction
Graphic Design Junction is an online showcase of designs for both graphic designers and web developers. Founded in 2010, the site focuses on vector graphics, typography, and WordPress websites, and always has some neat freebies on tap. GDJ does a great job of combining the designer and developer niches, like with these creative 404 Page designs here.

55 DzineBlog

The DzineBlog is a DesignM.ag company that also features design inspiration, photography and web development resources. The blog recently posted a great list of open source CSS framweorks and libraries worth a gander.

56 Design Instruct

Design Instruct was launched as a bootstrap web startup by Six Revisions founder Jacob Gube and photographer Isaac Gube. The site caters to designers and digital artists and also features useful guides for getting started with web design.

57 Bittbox

Bittbox offers a lot of free high-quality resources for graphic designers and web developers. You can search through different font, texture and vector selections along with a freebies gallery for royalty-free images you can use in both personal and commercial projects.

58 DesignFloat Blog

Design Float Blog
One of the older design communities, DesignFloat is still going strong. The blog, which doubles as a link bookmarking site, features various news and inspiration for design, branding, photography, programming and web design. DesignFloat also has lots of tutorials and lists to explore.

59 Coding Horror

Coding Horror
If you’re a developer then you’ve probably had a few rough coding nights in your lifetime. As much beauty as there is in an inspirational new website layout, there can be a lot of horror to deal with in the coding process. Started by software developer Jeff Atwood in 2004, the blog Coding Horror looks to inject a little humor and wisdom into the life of the web developer. Atwood also created Stack Overflow, the very popular Q & A site for programming enthusiasts.

60 SloDive

SloDive looks to offer a unique perspective on a variety of design topics including tattoos, wallpapers, nail designs, hairstyles and more. The blog’s writer, Nisha Patel, offers lots of how-to guides, tips and design tricks, along with a few exclusive Photoshop tutorials.

61 WebDesignDev

Your home for everything web design, the WebDesignDev covers coding, SEO, Adobe, Flash, and more. The site has published a number of reviews and always has exciting freebies for Photoshop and WordPress.

62 The Web Blend

The Web Blend is a community for designers and developers to stay up-to-date on the latest design news and trends. Each day, the top news or “Popular” section has some of the freshest design articles from over 15K members or “blenders,” including DashBurst.

63 Inspired Magazine

Inspired Mag
Inspired Magazine focuses on the Web, design and lifestyle. The site covers cool art and new design work and, perhaps best of all, offers freelancing tips. You can also find how-to’s on, for example, creating a WordPress website or building out your social media strategy.

64 Digital-Telepathy

The goal of Digital-Telepathy is to promote the betterment of the Web through design and visual craft. The blog has a very easy to navigate layout with a focus on design, UX, philosophy and business. You can also find quality resources for your projects, including this ultimate roundup of design tools.

65 Creativeoverflow

Full of creativity, the Creativeoverlow looks to highlight design eccentric individuals and interesting artwork from around the world. The site was started by Jacques van Heerden in 2009 and is set to act as a muse and guide for creative people.

66 UX Movement

UX Movement
UX Movement is a user experience blog for website designers and developers. At UX Movement, you can read a wide variety of useful and insightful articles that promote giving users the ultimate user experience, from creating easy-to-use interface design to improving website design. UX Movement guides its readers through tips, resources, and information on web navigation and content, forms and buttons, wireframes, mobile design, and more.

67 Vanseo Design

Vanseo Design
Vanseo Design was created by Steven Bradley, a website developer and designer who builds sites on WordPress, BuddyPress, and bbPress. Bradley believes that sites should be usable, search engine optimized, and simple in design. He seeks to acquire as much knowledge as he can about designing, developing, and marketing websites, and then he reports what he learns on his site. Topics he writes on include web design, SEO, CSS, blogging and WordPress, social media, marketing, and more.

68 Top Design Magazine

Top Design Mag
Top Design Magazine was founded by two web designers and developers with a passion for the two fields. The site features news and information, tips and tutorials, and other resources on web development from programming to design. This is also a great place to go for interesting art, photography and other entertaining miscellaneous articles. They feature a Mega Graphic Bundle category, a massive collection of graphics including vector packs and elements, Photoshop brushes, textures, web elements, email templates, WordPress themes, and more.

69 tutorial9

Tutorial9 provides information on web development and design, graphic design, and photography through articles and tutorials. You can find downloadable fonts, icons, user interface and graphics, website templates, WordPress themes, textures, patterns and more on the site.

70 Downgraf

The Downgraf blog brings readers the best content about website development and design. Tech news, WordPress, graphic design, Illustrator, digital art, 3D art, icons, vectors, and photography: you’ll find information on all of these and more. Downgraf’s mission is to provide web designers and developers with up-to-date, high-quality and useful resources. The site also features tutorials and inspiration sections, as well as freebies for those looking to download a wide variety of web development and design tools from blogger templates to fonts, icons to patterns and textures.

71 Bloom Web Design

Bloom Web Design
Bloom Web Design provides its readers with helpful web development and design tips and tutorials, articles, inspiration, and freebies. The site also gives users a useful responsive design tool to test out how your site looks on different devices.

72 DesignWoop

Design Woop
A web design and development blog for creative designers, Design Woop offers a wide array of articles, tutorials and inspirational content. With its tutorial’s sidebar, the blog provides useful web and graphic design tools and resources, including images and effects, as well as web development tools like code samples and tips on building custom websites. If you’re looking to start a new photography blog, check out Design Woop’s latest WordPress themes for photographers.

73 Crazyleaf Design Blog

Crazyleaf Design Blog
Crazy Leaf Design is a blog that provides its readers with information on web and graphic design. Whether novice or experienced, designers and developers can visit the site for news and articles, resources, inspiration and tutorials. The blog also features freebies and deals for web and graphic designers, from icons to vector packs, website templates to plugins, a Designer’s eCatalog and more.

74 Splashnology

Splashnology Design Magazine is a blog about website design and development, dedicated to providing its readers with information and inspiration for web design, graphics and coding. It also features freebies for those seeking downloads of fonts, icons, WordPress themes, and more. Splashnology is part of NetrinoMedia, a network of graphic web resources founded by a group of creative freelancers.

75 Doublemesh

Doublemesh is a tech blog for web developers, designers, artists and photographers. Since its inception in August 2011, the site has provided information and inspiration related to all kinds of design topics across the Web. Developers can find more technical resources including WordPress, apps, and the best websites around. For creative types, there are resources in design, photography and art. Doublemesh also features tutorials, online tools and freebies so web designers and developers can get the most out of the site.

76 Smiley Cat Web Design

Smiley Cat
Run by tech/businessman Christian Watson, Smiley Cat Web Design deals with web design and e-commerce with an emphasis on blogging, CSS, SEO, usability, web design, general web and writing for the Web. The site also features informational resources and materials like infographics, tools and an Elements of Design showcase that focuses on low-level webpage elements like headings, footers, and search boxes.

77 Webdesigner Trends

Webdesigner Trends
Webdesigner Trends is a web design and development blog that keeps readers up to date on news and information about the Web. Articles featured on the site include CSS, e-commerce, resources, tutorials and techniques, photography, inspiration, web concepts and more like the free HTML5 templates. The author of Webdesigner Trends is Arnaud, a 24-year-old, passionate about web design, who opened the blog in October 2009.

78 WebDesign&Such

Web Design & Such
WebDesign&Such is a web development blog that also provides its readers with downloads, freebies and tutorials. Designers and developers can get information and news from articles on WordPress, responsive web design, CSS, coding and jQuery. The site has a special featured category for WordPress, with several articles and themes for designers and developers to enjoy.

79 Web and designers

Web and Designers
WebAndDesigners is a web-focused blog for developers, designers and other tech professionals to find solutions to their web problems. Established in February 2009 by designers and developers, the site aims to allow readers to start conversations and discuss topics related to web design and development; read articles and comment on them; and have access to online tutorials and freebies. There are tutorials on Photoshop, WordPress and PHP. Freebies include templates, plugins, graphics and more.

80 Unmatched Style

Unmatched Style
A blog and CSS design gallery, Unmatched Style showcases exceptional websites. It is dedicated to acknowledging designers and developers who have created great websites, fostering discussion and constructive feedback for them, and giving inspiration to its readers. Unmatched Style strives to inspire its readers with informative and insightful articles, podcasts, and interviews.

81 OurTuts

OurTuts is a web design and development blog for both beginners and professionals. It features articles and inspiration, as well as resources and tutorials for readers to enjoy and learn from. The site discusses topics across the field of web development and design, including branding, WordPress, SEO, and website trends. OurTuts’s tutorials also cover a wide variety of topics from coding to CSS, design to WordPress to Photoshop and beyond.

82 Design Blog

Design Blog
Design Blog, a web design and development blog, provides its readers with inspiration, resources and information about the field from the more creative side of graphic design to the more technical side of coding. In the design realm, the blog covers both web and graphic design, vector graphics, logos and icons, wallpapers, typography and fonts, Photoshop and Illustrator, usability and more. Under web development, Design Blog features resources on, for example, CSS, HTML, WordPress, Javascript, JQuery, plugins, and mobile apps. The site includes web and design tutorials, as well as freebies like fonts, icons, and templates.

83 10Steps.SG

10Steps.SG is a web design resource and information blog that provides web designers and developers with articles, inspiration, tutorials and freebies. Articles on the website cover design, interviews and inventions, while the inspiration section features artworks, photography and product designs. 10Steps.SG hopes to help readers learn about and improve upon their skills with its tutorials on CSS, Flash, Joomla and Photoshop. In addition, readers can get freebie brushes, custom shapes, icons, themes, wallpapers and more.

84 icanbeCreative

The iCanBeCreative blog was created by art, graphic design and programming aficionados. The site aims to provide its readers with useful and inspiring information and resources including design tutorials and freebies, coding tricks and more. Topics found on the site include digital art, downloads, graphic art, Illustrator, mobile, Photoshop and photo editing, typography, WordPress, HTML, responsive design, and e-commerce. While the creators of the company are dedicated to informing the public about web design and development, they also spend a great deal of time designing for clients.

85 Pro Blog Design

Pro Blog Design
Pro Blog Design is a web design and WordPress blog that provides articles and tutorials to help web designers and bloggers with their sites. The blog was founded by Michael Martin in 2007, who at first just wrote and then helped design other people’s websites until the summer of 2012. In 2010, Martin and his business partner launched PliablePress WordPress themes but were not fans of the business and closed it in February 2012. Throughout all of their side projects and businesses, Martin and his partner maintained the blog and shared what they learned with their readers. Currently, you can find articles, information and resources on design, WordPress, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, usability and more.

86 DJDesignerLab

DJDesignerLab collects information and resources to help web design and development professionals. Because the Internet is such a huge part of our world today, DJDesignerLab believes in sharing web knowledge, experience, and news with its readers. On the blog, you can find unlimited resources, tutorials, inspirational and informational articles, and freebies. The site focuses specifically on Photoshop, icons, design, WordPress, PHP, CSS, tools, graphics, and wallpapers.

87 WebDesignBooth

Web Design Booth
A blog for web developers and designers to discuss resources in web design and development, javascript, CSS, HTML, SEO, advertising, photoshop and wallpapers, Web Design Booth is maintained by its creator Dicky, a freelance web developer and designer. Dicky is especially interested in developing WordPress themes and plugins and using design tools like Adobe Photoshop CS3. Web Design Booth also offers SEO services and web design service for PSD to HTML conversion, WordPress theme customization, plugin development and SEO services.

88 Stylish Web Designer

Stylish Web Designer
Stylish Web Designer is a blog for web designers created by web designers. The tutorials, resources, and ideas on the site come from web designers themselves, so the information shared is from web designers to web designers—that’s Stylish Web Designer’s niche and main purpose. Topics covered on the site include blogging, CSS, game development, HTML, Illustrator, jQuery, logo design, mobile, Photoshop, SEO, tutorials, web design tips, and WordPress. There are also freebies for web designers including website templates, WordPress themes and more.

89 CodeFear

The blog CodeFear helps web designers and developers find useful resources on software, graphics and website development. It was created by Ravi Ahuja, a prolific blogger from India who also writes for other sites. He started CodeFear in December 2008, hoping to provide his readers with inspiration as well as helpful and insightful information on web design and development. Topics include graphics, WordPress, tutorials, icons, Photoshop, fonts, and templates.

90 Happy Cog

Happy Cog
The Happy Cog blog is part of the digital design company Happy Cog, founded in 1999 by leader in the digital design industry Jeffrey Zeldman. Happy Cog (the company) seeks to write, teach and speak about the digital design world. Thus, the blog, which covers design and design thinking; front and back-end development; CMS; mobile; Photoshop; process, product and project management; prototyping; site analytics; technology; user experience and testing; and more.

91 CSSCreme

CSSCreme is a free gallery showcasing great, original websites. Its goal is to promote the best sites out there, to maintain a web design and development community where quality is key. The categories featured on the site include: web designers, fonts, inspiration, tutorials and new. CSSCreme also has several resources and freebies for web designers and developers such as lists of designers profiles, top rated designers, free CSS templates, WordPress themes, free wallpapers and icons, useful links and more.

92 Colorburned

Color Burned
Colorburned is a web design blog that provides its readers with design news, resources and tutorials from the Web. The site gives readers access to free vectors, textures, patterns, Illustrator and Photoshop brushes. You can also find tutorials, information on web development, and interviews with experienced professionals and leaders from the design industry. Colorburned blog aims to give web designers and developers the knowledge and tools they need to create better designs.

93 2ExpertsDesign

2 Experts Design
2ExpertsDesign is a creative blog that brings a wide variety of design and web resources to readers, as well as veteran and aspiring design professionals. It’s a great place for useful tips and tutorials, “best of” lists, and news and information on web and graphic design including logo design, typography, photoshop, photography, and graphics. The site is also handy for bloggers, providing helpful information about blogging in general, and WordPress specifically. In addition to its blog, 2ExpertsDesign provides services like website design and development, logo and identity design, and SEO.

94 CSSReflex

Naeem Noor, a self-taught web developer and designer from Pakistan, founded CSSReflex in April 2009. Noor created the site for web developers, web designers and coders. CSSReflex offers its readers tools and toolkits, how-to articles, resources and other information on web development and design. The site also has a CSS Generator tool here.

95 Smashing Buzz

Smashing Buzz
The blog Smashing Buzz focuses on technology and website design. It brings its readers quality content and resources for digital art, print media, gadgets, mobile, Apple, Microsoft Windows, open source, programming, graphic design, Illustrator, WordPress, Joomla, animation, 3d Art and more. Smashing Buzz also provides tutorials, tips and tricks, how-to’s, and inspiration for web designers and developers.

96 BestDesignTuts

Since its founding in October 2009, BestDesignTuts has provided web designers and developers with inspiration designs, resources, freebies, and tutorials. The blog also collects web design and development articles for creative professionals. BestDesignTuts’s comprehensive list of categories includes apps, development, e-commerce, graphic design, HTML/XHTML/CSS, Joomla, logo design, Photoshop, plugins, responsive design, templates, web development and WordPress. If you’re interested in doing a PSD to HTML markup, check out this list of best service providers.

97 DesignWebKit

Design Web Kit
DesignWebKit is dedicated to helping bloggers, designers, developers, freelancers and creative professionals gain knowledge and understanding in their field. The blog features web design and development news, and offers resources for design, inspiration, web trends, tutorials and interviews. You can also find interesting research and studies, inspirational showcases, useful roundups, how-to’s, and unique tips and tricks.

98 Web Design Habits

Web Design Habits
Web Design Habits keeps web designers and developers up to date with the latest news and trends and provides them with useful resources, tools, information and tutorials. The site showcases and publishes high-quality tools and techniques currently used by professionals within the field. WDH features categories like inspiration, resources, tech, tips, tools, tutorials, WordPress and freebies. Here is an awesome list of parallax WordPress themes, similar to the new Twitter layout, to give your site a contemporary look, too.


WEBEXPEDITION18 is a web and graphic design blog featuring tutorials, freebies, resources and inspiration posts. The blog generally discusses web and graphic design, business and e-commerce, web development, WordPress, mobile, templates and product themes, how-to articles, and advice.

100 Underworld Magazines

Underworld Magazines
Underworld Magazines web design blog looks to give the latest and greatest news and information to web designers and developers. It features design news, resources and interviews, and provides readers with freebies and tutorials. Topics covered by the site include graphic and website design, inspirational articles and tools, mobile design, WordPress, branding, themes and templates, HTML and CSS. Underworld Magazines aims to help web designers and developers gain knowledge, learn new techniques and improve their skill sets.

101 DashBurst

For those of you looking for a heavy dose of design inspiration as well as mobile and social media news, you’ve already come to the right place. At DashBurst we design hand-made websites that are optimized for search and the social web, and we like to blog about our latest processes. For starters, here are a few of our favorite SEO plugins for your WordPress blog.

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Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

Daniel is a social network architect, web developer, infographic designer, writer, speaker and founder of DashBurst. Full-time futurist and part-time content curator, always on the hunt for disruptive new technology, creative art and web humor.


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