Photo Burst: The Beauty of Winter in Norway and the Top 10 Images of the Week

Aurlandsfjord on a sunny winter day

The beauty of winter in Norway is arguably unmatched. Based in Norway, the talented Péter Földiak is a landscape and nature photographer and once again has delivered two gorgeous images that bring you right to the location. The featured image above from Peter was taken in Aurlandsfjord.

Here’s an interview we did with Peter featuring more of his work.

A picture of me, capturing the wild beauty of Andoya, Norway by Peter Földiak

Thunderstorm (Baltic Sea – Germany) by Harry Spangler,

Vision Softly Speaking by Phil Koch

Grandmother and Granddaughter Fishing at Riverside by Visoot Uthairam

Light Game by Jean Michel

Wanting Early Fall Back by Janice McGregor

Silence by Limeblu Photography

Petra by Night by Khalid Jamal Abdullah

Abandoned TV Repair Shop by Liam Douglas

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By Steven Hughes

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