Photo Burst: Godafoss, Iceland Waterfalls and the Top 10 Images of the Week


This week the featured photo above is of spectacular waterfall, Godafoss, located in Iceland. Photographer Rolando Felizola recently visited the Nordic island nation and shared some of his amazing images. Two more of Rolando’s photos from Iceland are shown below.

Like in Another World by Rolando Felizola

Touch the Sky by Gil Reis

Up To The Sky II by Oliver Eberwein

The Stones City by Khalid Jamal Abdullah

Two Wooden Crates On a Frosty Field by Jukka Heinovirta

Coloured Impressions by Jean Michel

Autumn Delight by Ruud Peters

Green Lacewing on a Leaf by Valentin Gutekunst

On this Beach by Rolando Felizola

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By Steven Hughes

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