Top 10 Free E-Learning Authoring Tools


learningTechnology and the Internet can be used in many different ways, and you can benefit a lot if you learn how to use them wisely. You won’t realize the full potential of the Internet and your gadgets until you start using tools that will enhance your learning and authoring potential. There are many tools that can be used for that purpose, but we chose the best 10 of them for educational writers, which you should start using as soon as possible.

1. Writinghouse

Writinghouse is a tool that allows you to automatically create your citations, bibliographies, and works cited lists in the format your paper requires. This is a great way to instantly use the referencing style you need, and forget about those annoying referencing details that always take your attention from what’s really important – allowing your creativity to flow and writing without any distractions. The tool is loved by students, teachers, and tutors – so you should definitely start using it if you belong to any of these categories.

2. Book Builder

This website allows its users to create their digital books and publish them for free. It is the perfect option for all instructors and teachers who need to make original textbooks for their classes, as well other types of reading materials. Thanks to this site, the creation, sharing, publishing, and reading of digital books have never been easier.


3. authorPOINT

If you need to capture presentations and use pre-recorder video/audio files in Microsoft PowerPoint, this is the tool for you. This website provides the easiest way to develop multimedia SCORM compliant content and share it across different platforms.

4. Dipity

This is the most user-friendly timeline creator on the web. It allows its users to create content and easily share it with other users. You can also integrate social media, timestamps, text, links, location, audio, video, and images into your timeline, which will allow you to share content in an interactive manner. This is a great tool for students, teachers, museums, community managers, financial institutions, politicians, celebrities, journalists, and many other Internet users.


5. CourseLab

This is hosted software for e-learning, which allows its users to create, manage, and publish online learning content. This is an easy-to-use, but powerful authoring tool that allows you to create high-quality e-learning content in a programming-free environment. This tool is available as freeware version, as well as a commercial product.

6. Edmondo

This is a private and free social media that has a goal of connecting all learners with the resources and people needed to help them reach their full potential. The platform applications include class notifications and discussions, mobile access, grading and assignment capabilities, a place to store and share educational and content applications, class calendar, messaging service, and many other features that enhance the effectiveness of the classroom.

7. Edublogs

This is the most popular education blogging service. It is very easy and safe to use for class sites, e-portfolios, and many other options. More than 2 million educators put their trust in this service, which is a fact that proves this website’s reputability. The tool can be used for corporate training and educational use. The free version enables the users to create private pages and posts.

8. Scratch

This is a very fun tool that allows its users to create stories, animations, and games, which they can later share online. If you need to put your creativity into practice and feel inspired to create art, music, animation, or stories, then this is the right destination for you.

9. SmartBuilder

This authoring tool allows its users to become part of an effective interactive learning community. The goal of this website is to empower its users to create interactive, custom e-learning material in the easiest way possible.


10. Vyew

This is an excellent tool that instantly brings its users to a collaborative online workspace. The website doesn’t require downloads and makes everything easy. The registered users can collaborate on documents, upload course content, meet with multiple people in real-time, give live presentations, conduct team meetings, and much more.
Sandra Miller is a professional writer at editing services from New York. Writes her first book and learns the art of self publishing. She has a PhD in English literature, NYU graduate.

By Sandra Miller

Sandra Miller is a professional writer from New York. Writes her first book and learns the art of self publishing. She has a PhD in English literature, NYU graduate.