Beer Diplomacy: The Brews That Represent Countries Around the World [MAP]

Map of most popular beers around the world

Last week we brought you the United States of Booze map, where we celebrated the most popular beer or liquor from each of the 50 states. But what if we zoomed out from that map to find the most popular booze around the world?

The Logo Company did just this. The company determined the most representative beers from countries around the world and integrated them into one colorful, logo-filled map. As you browse the map, keep in mind that these beers are not necessarily the most delicious or popular beers of each country; rather, these brews are the most internationally known, representing each country on the world stage. It’s kind of like these beers are diplomats, if diplomats were brewed from yeast-fermented malt.

Besides the fact that the map excludes many countries, including Uruguay, the Philippines, and Belgium (as delicious as Belgian beers are!), it’s interesting to see which beers are the most well-known world wide. What’s the most known beer from the U.S.? Budweiser. Germany? Becks. Italy? Peroni. Russia? Baltika. South Africa? Castle. India? Kingfisher. Thailand? Singha. Mexico? Corona. Never mind what people actually drink in-country. Check out the map to find more:

Map of most popular beers around the world

Your beer didn’t make it onto the map? Let us know which brews we should try the next time we visit your country!

Lauren Mobertz

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