AT&T and T-Mobile Duke It Out over a Customer on Twitter

t-mobile simple choice plan with free international data

t-mobile simple choice plan with free international data

The quality of customer service on social media majorly influences the way the public views your company. Unlike other, private customer service interactions such as those held over the phone, customer service on Twitter happens in the public eye. So when an AT&T customer took to Twitter last night to laud T-Mobile for its no-roaming policy for data plans, both companies had an opportunity to take the Twitter stage and show off their company’s high points. While T-Mobile’s customer service team was on point by replying intelligently within minutes – even T-Mobile CEO John Legere had something to tweet – AT&T made its lack of social media savvy quite obvious.

Check out last night’s conversation below:

As this story makes its rounds on the interwebz today, hopefully AT&T will learn to take customers seriously on Twitter. You never know when a customer comment on social media will turn into a public relations opportunity!

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