The Animated History of Western Architecture and Design [6-Part Video Series]

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Postmodernism- Design in a NutshellDo you fancy yourself as a new age modernist or is your house a little more minimalistic or Bauhaus? I’ve always been fascinated by different architecture and have been looking to learn more about its many origins. To the rescue comes this new Design in a Nutshell series, a 6-part animation presenting the entire history of Western design and architecture. This great educational resource by The Open University is narrated by actor Ewan McGregor, who provides an engaging narration of all the famous design examples that are brilliantly illustrated.

The historical tour starts off with the Gothic Revival, to Arts & Crafts and the influence of Bauhaus, and then finally up to Modernism and Postmodern urban empires. After you watch the videos you can take this test here to help you discover your true design alter-ego!

Gothic Revival: Design in a Nutshell (1/6)

Arts and Crafts: Design in a Nutshell (2/6)

Bauhaus: Design in a Nutshell (3/6)

Modernism: Design in a Nutshell (4/6)

American Industrial Design: Design in a Nutshell (5/6)

Postmodernism: Design in a Nutshell (6/6)

[via weburbanist]
Are you a fan of simple and geometric designs or more in favor of postmodern architectures looking to shake up traditional structures and thinking from the past?

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