Ancient Egyptian Gods Meet Modern Superheroes

Growing up, I loved reading about Egyptian and Greek mythology, and I would scribble away for hours drawing and redrawing these timeless figures. Unfortunately, though, the days of Zeus ruling over Mount Olympus or Ra over the sun have come to an end. The gods of ancient times been replaced by the gods of modern times: superheroes. Now we find Spider-Man weaving a web around New York or Spock and the Star Trek crew flying where no man has gone before, or at least in the hearts and minds of children and pop culture aficionados.

But what if these old Egyptian gods were to meet with the new gods? See for yourself in the Hero-Glyphics project by Josh Lane.


Hero-Gyphics - Avengers

Web Slinger

Hero-Glyphics - Web Slinger


Hero-Gyphics -  X-Men


Hero-Glyphics - Power

Kick Ass

Hero-Glyphics -  Kick Ass

Prime Directive

Hero-Glyphics - Prime Directive


Hero-Glyphics - TMNT

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Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

Daniel is a social network architect, web developer, infographic designer, writer, speaker and founder of DashBurst. Full-time futurist and part-time content curator, always on the hunt for disruptive new technology, creative art and web humor.


  1. Awesome post Thank You for it. The match ups are amazingly true. You have a wonderful imagination.

  2. Love the perspective of ancient mythology vs. modern super hero. We make our own myths with each new generation. But where was Xena or Cat Woman? Surely Baset would give Cat Woman a good run.

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