Amazon Drone Didn’t Deliver Your Package? Why the Future of Remote Shopping Is in Owls, Not Drones

By now you have probably seen a glimpse of our potential shopping future powered by unmanned Amazon drone aircrafts, which debuted last night on 60 Minutes. So are you now worried about a Matrix-like future of dodging scary machines falling out of the sky?

Have no fear because one company has a much more natural solution. Piggybacking off the news that Amazon may one day introduce delivery drones, British retailer Waterstones has an announcement of its own to share. The book retailer is introducing its new Ornithological Waterstones Landing Service (OWLS), a fleet (or “adorable team,” as the promo video puts it) made of owls specially trained to drop off your goods within thirty minutes of placing an order, no lifeless machinery required!

In a tongue-in-cheek response to Amazon’s announcement, Waterstones admits that it could be some time before you see a team of trained owls delivering goods near you, as the project would need to fly past federal aviation laws. Plus, as the company notes, “it takes ages to train owls to do anything and we only just thought of it this morning.”

Which would you rather deliver your 30-minute package: a team of drones or adorable owls?

via The Next Web

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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