Listen to 20syl’s Awesome New ‘Motifs’ Album and HYPERTRAK Mixtape

20syl - motifs20syl, also known as Sylvian Richard, is a French rapper, electronic music producer, turntable extraordinaire and member of the DJ collective C2C. 20syl’s highly anticipated new Motifs album is out today, which follows the preview and HYPERTRAK Mix: Stack Patterns released several weeks ago that’s still turning heads on SoundCloud. The EP proves all the massive hype is sure to be an “Ongoing Thing.”

20syl said about the project:

I called the mix “Stack Patterns” because the concept of patterns has always been the main ingredient in my productions. I’m trying to make artificial patterns sound natural and organic samples sound digital. That’s why my EP is called ‘Motifs.’ It’s all about ambiguity and paradox between those two musical components.

After listening to the album, 20syl’s idea to make electronic music sound as smooth as possible makes for some really addictive tunes. It’s as if there are “Voices” in my head that make me keep replaying that Rita J song at the 21:32 mark.

Get Motifs on iTunes:

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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