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YouTube Adds Improvements to Uploading, Publishing and Sharing Videos

All your complaints about how long it takes to upload videos on YouTube have not gone unheard. Today, YouTube is rolling out improvements that include getting email notifications when new uploads are ready, along with better publishing and sharing options.

Upload Notification Emails

Have you grown tired of refreshing the upload page to see when your new video is finally done and finally ready to be shared with the world? Now YouTube will send you an email notification as soon as your video is done uploading. You can then forward that email to friends to easily share the video. And if you prefer to not receive these emails, you can opt out by visiting the email settings.

More Control Over Publishing and Sharing

Also, have you ever had a video go public before you were done filling out all of its information? Soon you’ll be able to decide exactly when your video gets published, allowing as much time as you need to enter the title, description and custom message to engage viewers. Until you’re ready to publish, YouTube will treat the video as private only visible to you.

When can you expect to see these changes? YouTube will start rolling out all these changes by next week, so hang tight if you don’t see them yet…
So do you think the new YouTube changes will be welcome news for video publishers?