Google Launches YouTube Trends, Displaying the Most Popular Videos in Real-Time

YouTube Trends Map

Wouldn’t it feel good to find the latest viral video, before it goes viral? Now with the YouTube Trends Map you can check out which videos are trending in cities across the nation before your friends so much as post them to Facebook.

The latest addition to the Google Trends Dashboard, the YouTube Trends Map allows you to see the most popular videos in the US in real time. When you first load the page, the Map places thumbnails of the most highly shared videos over major cities across the country. When you hover over a thumbnail you can see how many shares the video’s received along with the second- and third-most shared videos in that area. For example, last night Alan Jackson singing “He Stopped Loving Her Today” at George Jones’ funeral was one of the most popular videos in the Indianapolis and Jackson, Mississippi while Charles Ramsey’s interview started making its way around Washington, DC, and Hartford, Connecticut.

Wait, you haven’t watched the Charles Ramsey video yet? You gotta see this:

With the click of a button the Map will display videos with the most current views. The Map also allows you to search by gender and age group. This is how I know that senior citizens in Amarillo, Texas were watching “Belen vs. St. Thomas Water Polo Handshake” last night (spoiler alert: the handshake doesn’t end well).

Besides allowing us a glimpse into the zeitgeist of America in real time, one of the nicest features of the Trends Map is the lightbox feature that allows you to play trending videos without leaving the page.

YouTube Trends Lightbox

All in all, the YouTube Trends Map gives us never-before-seen insight into what’s playing across America.

What videos are trending in your city?

Lauren Mobertz

By Lauren Mobertz

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