Yahoo’s New Mail App Is like a Swiss Army Knife for Android

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People check Yahoo every day for a variety of information, including email, the latest news, sports scores and weather. While access to this information can be segmented across mobile apps, why not combine it into one integrated experience? That’s what Yahoo’s doing with its new Yahoo Mail app.

Released for iOS last month, the new Yahoo Mail is now available for Android, bringing an all-access pass to Yahoo services to the mail app. Now you can check your email, search the Web, read the news, view your weather forecast, find sports scores, access the latest stock quotes, watch videos and browse Flickr without leaving the Yahoo Mail app.

new yahoo mail app

Swipe left or right in the new app to switch between three streams: your email inbox, your personalized Yahoo News stream and the Yahoo Today tab, which offers information like weather and sports scores at a glance. To switch between streams you can also tap the relevant icon in the upper right-hand corner for the screen.

The new Yahoo Mail for Android is now available to all users, with the News and Yahoo Today experiences rolling out to supported devices over the coming days.

Download Yahoo Mail for Android:

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Lauren Mobertz

By Lauren Mobertz

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