New York City, the New Host of the 2014 Winter Olympics

Luge, bobsled and skeleton events in Times Square

An emergency has occurred in Russia, and Sochi is unable to host the 2014 Winter Olympics.* As disruptive as this might be for athletes preparing for the Games, fortunately a group of speedy architects was able to recreate the Olympic courses in New York. The structures are certainly a sight to see, but space will be tight in the city over the next few weeks!

Here the New York Times visualizes some of the architects’ best work.


The Luge Winding Around Times Square

Luge, bobsled and skeleton events in Times Square

Map of hypothetical luge course in Times Square


Speedskating Down Broadway

Speedskating down Broadway

Speedskating course down Broadway south of Times Square map

Check the New York Times for more visualizations of the 2014 Winter Olympics in the Big Apple.

*This is not true. The Olympics are set to start as planned this Thursday, with the Opening Ceremony airing in the States Friday evening on NBC.

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