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Why Authenticity is so important in Social Media?

Whether your business is called “X-Y-Z” doesn’t matter at the end of the day whether You know it or not, YOU are the brand. Whoever is the creator of any company is the person people want to know more about.


So why is authenticity so important and how much of my life should I be sharing with my followers?

Think of it this way the more you share of yourself the more people get to know who you are, people are curious by nature.  Share the what, why, when, how, where and who of yourself, company, and brand.

Here are some things to share:

Question for You – Where do you go to find resources, the yellow pages, the internet, or to your tribe? Personally, I trust my tribes recommendations, and I also ask the person who is referring me somebody if they have personally done business of any kind with that person – This is key.

When I refer anything to a client, whether it be a speaker, book, program, course etc. I ONLY refer things I myself have done, know, explored, met, read etc… This is being authentic.

Question for you – Why should anyone listen to your referrals if you, yourself haven’t gone thru the process of whatever it is you are referring ?

Example: That would be like a priest who  has never been married or had children, counseling others on marriage and children.

The more transparent you are, the more authentic you are, the more trust and connection you build with others. We are a culture of technology, we are a culture of automation, thus we have a culture of people starving for CONNECTION. 

Example: Did You know that if You put a baby in an incubator and it gets fed, changed etc… meaning all of its life support needs are met, that if the baby also doesn’t get touched, loved, held, talked to it has a higher percentage of chances of death.  Humans are designed to couple, connect, engage, emote, and the more authentic you are the more you are connecting to your customers, followers, family, friends.


Realize that people are drawn to certain people for a reason. You never know who is waiting to hear exactly what You have to say, share, teach, sell, etc. Don’t hold back, put it all on the line, failures, successes, moment of reflection, moments of I don’t knows, to golden nugget “Aha” moments of transformation.

Social Media is a global connection, use it to your advantage and use it authentically.

To your Success.