If Wes Anderson Wrote the Bible [ILLUSTRATIONS]

pontius pilate wes anderson quote bible scene

pontius pilate wes anderson quote bible scene

Have you ever wondered what the Bible would sound like if it had be written by other people? More specifically, has it ever crossed your mind that a more down-to-earth version of the Bible might exist, written by none other than movie director Wes Anderson?

The artist duo Lane Severson and Al Cedeno, known collectively as The Guilty Conscious, brings us the illustrated Wes Anderson Bible, a series of illustrations of biblical situations set to quotes from Wes Anderson films. Watch your memories of your favorite Wes Anderson characters morph into scenes from the Bible as you scroll through.


Moonrise Kingdom or John 20

flew the coop wes anderson quote set to bible scene


Rushmore or Genesis 18

sarah wes anderson quote bible scene


The Life Aquatic or Acts 1

seem fake wes anderson quote bible scene


Darjeeling Limited or Job 4

Job any questions wes anderson quotes set to bible scenes


The Royal Tenenbaums or Matt 1

Mary and Joseph bible quote from wes anderson movie


Rushmore or Matt 28

Jesus to disciples Wes Anderson quote

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