What Does Your Barista Really Think About You? [VIDEO]

Are you often busy on the phone or in a hurry to get to work while grabbing your morning blend of coffee? Your Barista may have qualms with you. Or are you a creative, deep-thinking person? Well don’t try to get too creative with the fillings of your coffee mug; you’ll probably just get on your barista’s nerves while holding up the line for those sweet, frivolous concoctions (which are normally a little unhealthy anyway).

If you really want to impress the your fellow coffee shop goers, just order a straight espresso or cappuccino! Stay away from any unnatural mixes to avoid strange stares and make sure not to contaminate your coffee with Splenda or any other fake sweetener that could expose your lack of coffee know-how.

What Does Your Barista Think Of You-

So what does your barista really think about you?

Video by BuzzFeed

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