Watch Snowflakes Crystalize in This Captivating Microscopic Timelapse Video

By now, most of us who live along the East Coast in the U.S. are probably fed up with snow and ice. But as winter begins to make way for spring (there’s technically still a month left of winter, but a girl can dream, right?), we can’t deny that a (very small) part of us will miss the snow once it melts away.

Celebrating the beauty of snowflakes, artist Vyacheslav Ivanov has released a microscopic timelapse video that documents snowflakes while they crystalize. Though it doesn’t appear Ivanov’s written much about how he recorded these magical moments, the timelapse is captivating nonetheless. Enjoy the video below.

Still from vyacheslav ivanov's microscopic timelapse video of snowflakes

Stills and video by Vyacheslav Ivanov
via Colossal

E Brian Rose
Fantastic! I wonder how many people who have never seen snow actually know that snowflakes look as they do in cartoons.
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