How to Turn an Embarrassing Resignation Video Gone Viral into a Hiring Opportunity

Remember the real-life Jerry Maguire we introduced? Marin Shifrin, the writer/videographer whose hilarious dancing resignation video, “I Quit,” went viral across the Web, has finally heard back from her former employers at Next Media Animation.

In a tongue-in-cheek video response uploaded to their YouTube channel on Tuesday, the employees at the video animation firm perform their own version of the Shifrin’s dance to Kanye West’s “Gone,” where they wish Shifrin well and announce they are hiring.

Despite multiple personalities contributing to the video, it’s not nearly as funny as the original by Shifrin, if it’s funny at all. But it’s nice to see Shifrin’s former employers have a sense of humor, even if they could use some extra help in that department!

To lure more creative talent to the company, the clip flaunts the office’s luxurious rooftop pool and spa, building a case for why someone might want to dive into the new position.
via Mashable

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