Do Video Games Make You Smarter?

Since the very first person had the pleasure of geeking out to a video game, the debate over the benefits of playing video games compared to the related dangers has raged on. So all games aside, are video games really good for you or not?

Like many other things life, too much of anything can be bad, including gaming. Even essential things can be harmful if overdone, like drinking too much water, an element crucial to life. So if you decide to binge on playing video games and never go outside, any of the benefits we mention below are going to be far outweighed by the health risks of sitting around on your ass all day.

Now for the good news. As seen in this neat AsapSCIENCE video, many studies have shown that playing video games increases cognitive function of the brain afterwards. A few fortunate subjects got to play Super Mario for 30 minutes per day over the course of two months, which lead to better memory, fine motor skills and strategic planning in the participants. This is why video games have become an exciting therapy option for patients with certain types of mental disorders that cause damage to the areas of the brain that control these functions. So playing action games, for example, can increase your attention and alertness. Games have also been shown to slow the general aging process by up to seven years!

Given the popularity of video games among youth, it should be no surprise that educators are relying on games as educational tools in the classroom too. Even medicine is being transformed by digital technology, with controls and cameras that closely parallel the experience of playing a video game. This is why young doctors who were previously gamers have been shown to make fewer errors. Further, games are being developed to help kids who suffer from Dyslexia read faster and more efficiently. Gamers have also been shown to visually grasp more of the color spectrum with seasoned gamers being able to detect contrasts 58% better.

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Can Video Games Make You Smarter

But remember, folks, all the extra benefits and skills that come from playing video games are only useful if you put them to test outside in real life too!

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